Easy, Smart, Surveys.
No question about it.

Make, Take, Share, & Analyze Surveys

Monsurvey gives you the power to make surveys on the fly, take surveys (either anonymously or not), share surveys with anyone, and analyze response data. Check us out in this video.

Survey Dashboard

This is where the magic happens - Survey magic, that is. The Survey Dashboard is your window into everything Monsurvey has to offer. Here, you can view your Surveys, results for each Survey, and edit or take Surveys.

Survey Editor

The Survey Dashboard gives you access to the Survey Editor, where you can create and edit Surveys on the fly. Questions of any type can be included, from Multiple Choice to Free Response. You can also add Images, Text, and Logic to your Surveys.

Survey Logic

Every component of a Survey can be shown or hidden with Logic. Depending on the answer of a Question, other Questions, Images, or Text can be shown or hidden while taking a Survey. Our smart and easy Survey Editor makes it all simple to do.